Department of Geography

Soil Geomorphology Research Group

at The University of Kansas


Our research examines the interaction of soils, plants, and animals across a range of landscapes.  We are utilizing state-of-the-art techniques and instrumentation to sample and study soil morphology, reconstruct paleoenvironments of the Great Plains, southwestern USA, and Mesoamerica, especially those shaped by eolian processes, understand the interaction of climate on soil-mineral dissolution and precipitation, investigate stream-response to late-Quaternary climatic variation, and construct numerical process-based models to understand soil genesis across the landscape.

We are currently looking for post-docs and highly-motivated graduate and undergraduate students interested in soil geomorphology.


Soil geomorphology

(soil jē'ō-môr-fŏl'ə-jē), n.

  1. 1.the study of the genetic relationships between soils and landscapes (McFadden and Knuepfer, 1990);

  2. 2.the study of soils and their use in evaluating landform evolution and age, landform stability, surface processes, and past climates (Birkeland, 1999).

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